gnupg/mailing list validation error

Hey guys,

I love balsa, but lately it's been embarrassing me publicly, so I need  
some councel ;-) You see, I am a proponent of GnuPG signing of email on  
my LUG, but my signatures will sometimes become invalid when  
distributed over the LUG mailing list. I could live with that up until  
I sent that 'come to the keysigning party' info post, and my keysig  
turned 'invalid'.
Since I don't have this problem on any other mailing lists, I'm pretty  
sure it's the list's fault, but since noone else on-list is having this  
problem with their signatures, it's easy for members and the admin to  
point blame on balsa (which I am also a proponent of).

So, signed messages are valid in my outbox, invalid on-list, so what  
gives, right? Well, I tried diffing the message source, and as it  
turnes out, the mailing list turnes a single \t tab character into  
multiple spaces.

Fine, I bet this breaks RFC's and whatnot, but what I don't get is that  
noone else has had this problem over all of 1521 messages that I have  
recieved on-list... surely _someone_ used the tab key in a signed  
message before me? Assuming that, then everyone else's mailers must  
convert tabs to spaces automagically before sending, right??

All the best,
I do not need HTML email, virus warnings or other forwards.
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Signed and/or encrypted mail preferred.

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