Re: how do I by-pass the signature check?

Am 26.06.04 11:27 schrieb(en) Russell L. Harris:
And yes, this IS a a very reasonable temporary solution.

That's great... :-) I'll think about a more general solution.

some other detail before re-sending the message. By "sending again", I mean specifically to a copy to the DRAFT box a message from the SENT box, while leaving the original message in the SENT box. With Balsa, I am able to TRANSFER a message from the SENT box to the DRAFT box and then modify and re-send it, but then I have lost the record of the original message. Of course, I can copy to myself each message I send, but I prefer to retain in the SENT box a copy of everything I have sent.

Implementing it in the context (or the mailbox?) menu sounds like a good idea to me. However, you *can* actually _copy_ a message (as with other gnome apps) by dragging it to the destination mailbox with the Crtl key pressed (note the "+" in the dnd icon). I checked that it works for copying from Sent to Draft. You can then double-click the message, and it opens in the composer window, with all old attachments.

I did not check, though, what happens with multipart/signed messages. The "old" signature is an attachment, and if you send it again with the old signature, and don't sign it again, the recipient will usually get a message where the signature doesn't verify properly, i.e. a message which looks like one which has been tampered with on it's way through the net. So I guess in this case you should always remove the old signature and sign the message again.



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