Re: how do I by-pass the signature check?

Am 26.06.04 04:13 schrieb(en) Russell L. Harris:
Please forgive me if my posting appeared hostile; it's just that I am weary of seeing the "signature cannot be verified" warning box and

No, your feedback is really valuable and helpful!

I would suggest that a it should be a high priority that Balsa be
[snip discussion about ergonomically-friendly ui]
time a signature cannot be verified.

As I said yesterday, I agree fully with you that we must find a simple solution for this problem. I'm not yet sure about the best way, though.

However, I was a little confused about my own code yesterday ;-) - the dialog shown is actually a standard warning box. I moved the "run gpg..." button into the message itself a while ago. So you can get rid of the popup (and other warnings, e.g. if the message includes 8-bit chars, but no describing mime header) by just changing the pref for warnings from "show dialog" to "nothing" or "terminal". The signatures will still be checked, but the only feedback you get is the red padlock, and of course the explanation in the message itself. Would this be a (temporary) solution for you?

I think I should note at this point that the method for retreiving missing keys is not perfect. In the long run, balsa should use an external app like seahorse or gpa to do this job. Seahorse development seems to be a little stalled, though. I am currenttly working on a port to gpgme 0.4 series for it, but I'm still fighting with a few routines, so progress is a snail. And we all have a family and a job... :-/

Cheers, Albrecht.

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