Re: how do I by-pass the signature check?

On 06/25/04 04:32:28, Pawel Salek wrote:
On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Russell L. Harris wrote:

Help! I find it EXTREMELY irritating that Balsa by default checks the signature, and brings up a dialogue box whenever the signature cannot be verified due to a missing key. I care not whether a signature can be verified---I simply wish the freedom to scan and delete messages

Do you want to completely switch off signature tests or just to be
informed in a less "in-your-face" fashion?  Possibly having only a
"unknown-signature" icon would be sufficient, what do you think?


Greetins, Pawel.

Please forgive me if my posting appeared hostile; it's just that I am weary of seeing the "signature cannot be verified" warning box and having to move the mouse to click the button to close the box. Actually, I can close the box by pressing the ENTER key, but to do that, I must take my hand off the mouse.

I understand that the signature test generally is beneficial, but the fact is that most of the messages I receive from sources other than the Balsa list have no signature.

I would suggest that a it should be a high priority that Balsa be ergonomically-friendly. A significant ergonomic improvement would be to ensure that all routine functions involved in reading mail---namely, culling and sorting---may be accomplished from the keyboard without the mouse. Alternatively, but less-desirable, is that all these functions be accomplished with the mouse, apart from the keyboard. The thing to avoid at all costs is the necessity of switching back and forth from keyboard to mouse.

In particular, and because of the large number of spam messages, it would be VERY nice to be able to "trash" a message by pressing the DEL key. If this is done, then I can "clean out" my IN box with only two fingers---one on the DOWN arrow, and the other on the DEL key. But this works only if I am not required to stop and close a warning box each time a signature cannot be verified.


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