Re: 2.1.3 Discussion Points

Am 2004.06.08 18:02 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:

On Sat, 05 Jun 2004 14:37:49, Steffen Klemer wrote:

I would either like an attachment-clip-icon on the right side of the header-box or a line of icons directly below the header-box

I'm sure both will be possible with gtk2 ;)

They are.

a note about "view as text/html" - some crap out there put out diferent text and html parts in a multipart. it might be confusing

I've also seen this type of mailers - they say in the text part sth. like "your mailer doesn't support html-views - buy a new one :)"

2) (like evo I think) "[X] Allow fetching of online-content from people living in my address book"

what about if people forward something with a note "could you look at this ? i'm sure it's spam but i'm afraid it could be legit" or if you keep someone in your address book cause you need to but they always send you crap (job related stuff :))

That is a show-stopper, but mmhhh. I'm sure it doesn't happen this often, is it?

On the other side people expect seeing everything in mails they get from relatives and friends - another pref-button (perhaps per-user in the addi- book) would be way to much (as well as this per-server thing (I must have been on dope...)

A note that a mail tries to load images from the network with [ok, no, never] would perhaps be the best solution. (with a pref to anable it again... ;)


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