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Am 04.06.04 19:23 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
I'm not sure what widgets we could use to implement that. `Content' and `Message Parts' (which might need to be renamed something like `Message Structure', to avoid confusion with `Attachments') are notebook tabs, and I don't believe we can mix notebook tabs and comboboxes in the same patch of screen. Perhaps a third notebook tab that reveals a flat list of the attachments?

I think it's possible to add the combo to the notebook tab, but this will look quite ugly, at least with some themes. But what about a combo box inserted above or below (or inside? Doesn't Gtk support this?) the top- level headers box? I am afraid the flat attachment list will not necessarily improve the situation.

| Warning! This message refers to content at          |
|  Balsa can     |
| retrieve it, but doing so may alert the sender that |
| you are viewing this material.                      |
|       --------------         --------------         |
|      |   Retrieve   |       |Don't retrieve|        |
|       --------------         --------------         |
|              [X] Don't ask me again.                |

Sounds like a really good solution to me. However, what will we do if the message points to more than one external link, each of which may be located at different locations? Do we get a new dialog for each link, or for each host?

An other problem might be that we should (?) provide some kind of caching. If the user decides to download the stuff, deselects the message and later selects it again, it would be great if this does not trigger the download again. Many pitfalls there...

(just my $.02 worth...)

Hey, that's more than my € 0.01 ;-))

Cheers, Albrecht.

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