Re: balsa 2.1 and the filters

On 06/07/04 08:47:47, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 06/07/2004 04:12:01 AM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
[ snip ]
I am also seeing problems with filtering (with mbox) in HEAD- more
often than not messages do not get filtered at all on reception.

How are the messages delivered to the mbox: by Balsa, from a POP server, or by some other agent? Did you get last night's patch for filtering on user-headers?

From pop and thru procmail. I saw your patch immediately after I posted (and right before sleep!), and will definitely give it a try today.

Doing Mailbox -> Filters -> Apply takes a gawdaweful long time
compared to 2.0

How large is the mailbox?

643 messages. The difference is quite noticable, but it's not like I've got a problem with that :-)

Thanks for the response!


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