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Am 04.06.04 22:46 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
Oh, yes, your suggestion is more general. It's a pity gtk has never had a way to modify the existing popup menu on a widget--I saw a discussion once about an "about-to-popup-menu" signal, which would allow an app to modify the menu, but I guess it never happened.

Well, this may be gtk+ 2.4 specific, but by catching the populate-popup signal of a text_view, you can actually add items to the popup. Below is a modified patch against the HEAD cvs doing the following:

* for text/html: add the message parts vfs popup to the zoom menu items. The popup is called both using Shift-F10 and right-click;

* for text/other: do the same, appending the vfs stuff to the text_view popup. Again called by hotkey or mouse button;

* for image/something: display the vfs popup using right-click. These parts apparently don't get the focus if they are attached inline, so the hotkey doesn't work here.


Cheers, Albrecht.

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