Re: 2.1.3 Discussion Points

Am 04.06.2004 17:36 schrieb(en) mike flyn org:
| Content | Attachments v | Message Parts |

"Attachments" is a combo-box that would contain, for example, "View
email as
HTML [ envelope icon ]", "View email as text [ envelope icon ]" and
biketran.txt [ text icon]."  Selecting an item in the combo-box would
1) immediately display the selection in the "Content" window or 2) if
this is
not possible, prompt the user to view the file using a helper
application/save the file somewhere.

Make "Attachments" a normal tab (-> consistency) and present them in a flat way according to the current nautilus preferences (list, icons, and so on), with alla ssociated actions if possible.

>> 3. The address book interface could use some improvements.

> Agreed!

Any ideas out there in balsa-list-land?

Simply access evolution-data-server. It will be in the desktop/platform sooner or later anyways.

Okay, I think this type of HTML email is crap. So we agree. And I
understand that it may be used to alert spammers that an email was
(see my privacy/security reference). But here is the problem: my
mother-in-law can't use balsa to conduct business with certain vendors
because they use this type of email to coorespond. So, what will
policy be?

I've never seen a non-spammer pasting external stuff into HTML-mails. Why would he? I'm quite sure even Windows doesn't do that by defaukt and you have to enable it in some obscure internet settings a newbie will never find. So just keep it as is. :)



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