Re: Finding new mail & maildir problem

Thanks, Peter. That worked a treat. I think where it had fallen down  
before when I tried that method is that Balsa originally saw my  
mkdir'ed directory, and even after I deleted it and told it to rescan,  
etc, it wouldn't show it as a folder until I restarted Balsa.

Now I can keep things tidy, and find my new messages!

Thanks again


On 01/25/04 14:59:35, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> On 01/25/2004 07:46:30 AM, Foeh Mannay wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I often come in from work and find that I have 6 or 7 new mails  
>> waiting. Since I have Balsa in threaded view, sometimes the new mail  
>> is some way up the list which makes it difficult to find, especially  
>> if it's inside a collapsed thread. Is there a shortcut key to locate  
>> the next new mail?
> Yes: ctrl+N should select the next unread message, expand the thread  
> far enough to see it, and scroll the index to bring the message into  
> the window (the last part sometimes is off by one--I've never pinned  
> down exactly when).
>> It's mainly a problem because I run maildir, but I don't seem to be  
>> able to make new folders to put my mailing lists in. I know I'm  
>> probably being really stupid, but what I've been doing is mkdir-ing  
>> a new directory inside ~/Mail/ - that makes a folder appear in the  
>> Balsa folder view but I can't do anything to it, not even select it.
> Balsa treats a plain subdirectory as a folder that will be used to  
> hold mailboxes.  Create a mailbox using File => New => Local maildir  
> mailbox... (congratulations on the choice of maildir!).  I always use  
> the browse button to pop up the Mailbox Path dialog, select the  
> directory that's going to hold the new mailbox (initially ~/mail),  
> and type the mailbox name in the `Selection' entry-box.  Then hit OK  
> in that dialog, Add in the Mailbox Configurator, and bingo! a brand  
> new maildir, complete with its tmp, new, and cur subdirectory  
> structure.
> HTH,
> Peter
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