Re: problem with dialogue boxes

On 2004.01.22 20:48, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 22.01.04 19:57 schrieb(en) Andreas Schmidt:
> > I recently started to experiment with gpg and noticed that there may be  
> > a little problem with balsa.
> > When I click on a signed msg in the list window and the signature cannot  
> > be verified, 2 info boxes open. One is an error message "GPGME:  
> > signature verification failed: No data", which is in the backgroud; the  
> > other is the info window from balsa: "Checking the signature of the  
> > message ... returned: An error prevented the signature verification."
> Ummm.... that should not happen! Balsa should display only a single box, 

Some time ago I mailed a similar thing to the list:


If you don't access an opened but non-selected mailbox for a while
and the remote IMAP server times out and closes the connection, balsa
show an error if you try to open that mailbox again.
It shows an information box saying:
"Information - Balsa
 Disconnected for inactivity
 Connection to <imap-server> closed
 Mailbox closed
 CLOSE failed."
On top of that, it display and error box saying:
 Unable to Open Mailbox!
 Please check the mailbox settings"
In my case it's even worse, my window manager handles mouse-over
as "select window and raise" so if I move to the error message
box to close it I pass over the information box, which is getting
raised over the error box as a result, and you have to click on
the error box first before you can close the information box - AARGH


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