balsa segfaults or doesn't die properly occasionally

Hi all,
I've been having problems with balsa sometimes segfaulting on me. It  
will more often than not happen if I leave balsa on for extended  
periods of time (more than an hour), but sometimes also happens while  
reading or composing mail. I can't reproduce it reliably. I've been  
trying to gather more information about what is happening, always  
launching balsa from the terminal and having all the debug modes set,  
but I haven't been able to get anything close to useful information.  
The closest I can get is that it might have something to do with auto- 
committing the mailboxen (I have many) every 5 minutes, as I am deathly  
afraid of balsa dieing before it saves my email. (Heh, probably  
shouldn't be running cvs, then..) Also, sometimes balsa will not close  
properly either - the x window will destroy but balsa hangs at cleanup  
time and a TERM signal is neccessary to get rid of the process.

I've been updating my cvs balsa-2-0 in the hope that these issues  
somehow get resolved by someone's random commit, so I'm running a  
fairly recently built balsa. A friend of mine has similar problems on  
his up to date debian sid system, running balsa 2.0.16.

I have been reluctant to post about this because I have very little in  
terms of debug information, but the problem is persistent and has been  
bothering me for quite some time. Next up I will try stracing balsa in  
the hopes of locking in on the problem.

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