Re: Scrolling bug

On 02/28/2004 04:04:19 AM, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> People,
> I am using 2.0.16 and when I have a very long mail (from a list) I find
> that after I have been clicking the down arrow for some time that the
> middle section of view screen becomes "locked" - text continues to
> scroll above and below the middle section but of course it is
> impossible to read like that.  I can drag on the scroll bar to restore
> correct scrolling but the mail item is so long that the scroll bar is
> very narrow and very sensitive to any movement which means the text for
> reading jumps around greatly, which also means it make it difficult to
> read . .
> Is this a known problem?

If you are talking about messages of several hundreds kilobytes size or  
more: it is a "problem" of GtkTextView widget. It is doing then some  
internal revalidation of the buffer (computation of text size after  
wrapping, for example). If you wait few seconds (minutes?), ordinary  
scrolling behaviour should be restored. There might be some  
programatically settable options to speed up the process but I must say I  
have not looked for them yet.

I have just tried to reproduce it on my setup but I see only moving  
scrollbars - the view is updated properly (this is with gtk2-2.2.1-4) -  
but I have impression I have seen the problem you describe. -Pawel

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