Re: [OT] balsa list processor violates RFC3156

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 19:57 +0100, Albrecht Dreß wrote:

Am 24.02.04 17:19 schrieb(en) Jeffrey Stedfast:
> actually, this should be fine. the footer is being appended to the end
> of the multipart (postface component of the multipart/signed which is
> not actually treated as a subpart) and so doesn't change the content.

You are right in the sense that the message's signature can still be  
verified as mailman apparently doesn't touch the contents. But I didn't  
say that the signatures can't be verified any more. I just said that these  
messages sent by mailman violate RFC 3156 which is perfectly clear here: A  
"multipart/signed body MUST consist of exactly two parts", and in rfc  
terms this means that it "is an absolute requirement of the  

yes, but it's not a third part :-)

the list manager is appending the footer *after* the multipart's end-boundary. All subparts of a multipart are inside the end-boundary. everything after the end boundary (up to the boundary of any parent multipart) of a multipart is considered to be the multipart's postface. Note that there can also be a preface, which most notably contains something to the effect of "If you are reading this, then it is likely that your mailer does not support MIME..."

Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.  -

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