Re: [OT] balsa list processor violates RFC3156

Am 24.02.04 17:19 schrieb(en) Jeffrey Stedfast:
> actually, this should be fine. the footer is being appended to the end
> of the multipart (postface component of the multipart/signed which is
> not actually treated as a subpart) and so doesn't change the content.

You are right in the sense that the message's signature can still be  
verified as mailman apparently doesn't touch the contents. But I didn't  
say that the signatures can't be verified any more. I just said that these  
messages sent by mailman violate RFC 3156 which is perfectly clear here: A  
"multipart/signed body MUST consist of exactly two parts", and in rfc  
terms this means that it "is an absolute requirement of the  

The processing of messages which don't stick to the standards is not  
defined in any way; e.g. balsa simply suppresses the extra third part  
which is implicitly (due to the missing mime headers, see RFC 2045, sect.  
5.2) text/plain. So IMHO at least for "political reasons" (we are not M$  
and want to write a perfectly rfc-compliant mua, don't we?) the mailing  
list should stick to the standards.

Again my ¤ 0.01...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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