Re: balsa stopped working

On Sun, 01 Feb 2004 22:51:52, Asher Freese wrote:
> I was cleaning old crud out of /tmp earlier, and I found out that  
> apparently
> balsa needs files in there to start up properly... I'm
> guessing it was the pop-garbage files.  Anyway, it's now giving me a
> "An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for  
> The
> Balsa E-Mail Client. Some of your configuration
> settings may not work properly."
> error with repeated
> "Adding client to server's list failed, CORBA error:

The GNOME Corba bits create stuff sockets in /tmp/orbit-username that are  
used by the various processes involved to communicate. If you delete them the  
best thing to do is logout of your gnome session and login again as most of  
the stuff will break miserably.
In fact, cleaning /tmp is best done from console or single user mode (in the  
older days bigger systems cleaned /tmp on boot) as lots of apps use it and it  
may lose data.

Carlos Morgado - chbm(a) - FP:0A27  
35D3 C448 3641 0573 6876 2A37 4BB2 1FC5 7F0A

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