balsa stopped working

I was cleaning old crud out of /tmp earlier, and I found out that apparently balsa needs files in there to start up properly... I'm 
guessing it was the pop-garbage files.  Anyway, it's now giving me a
"An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for The Balsa E-Mail Client. Some of your configuration 
settings may not work properly."
error with repeated
"Adding client to server's list failed, CORBA error:"
in the details.  I've tried a bunch of things to try and reset the program to it's default settings, and nothing's worked.  I'm 
using Balsa 2.0.16 compiled on gcc 3.2.2 and Slackware 9.0.
I'll greatly appreciate any help.
Asher Freese

ps, /tmp is a bad place to permanently store data.

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