Re: Two problems with new FC3 x86_64 install

On 12/27/2004 10:26:17 PM, Willem Riede wrote:
I now see two issues:

1. Balsa's process hangs around indefinitely after quit.
0   500  7173     1  15   0 192660 35200 184467 S  ?          0:13

I was wrong in my previous mail: balsa can really hang on this even with current glibc. The reason I did not see it at first was that I had MALLOC_CHECK_ environment variable defined. Balsa runs just fine if this variable is set - but hangs when I unset it. I ran balsa with brand fresh configuration without IMAP and it still hangs.

I am tempted to say it is a problem with glibc but it could be some _very_ special balsa problem. It is difficult to know without doing some serious debugging. What about other gtk/gnome programs? Do they run?

I see that if I disable mailbox scanning, balsa quits just fine - but of course only special mailboxes are visible:

--- src/main.c.orig     2004-12-28 17:39:30.083934752 +0100
+++ src/main.c  2004-12-28 17:40:19.569411816 +0100
@@ -478,7 +478,9 @@
     /* The root-node (typically ~/mail) isn't in the model, so its
      * children will be appended to the top level. */
+#if 0

     if (cmd_open_unread_mailbox || balsa_app.open_unread_mailbox)

As soon as I manually rescan the mailboxes, balsa will hang on quit.


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