Re: Icon theming for Balsa

On 21/12/04 18:27:10, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
You don't mention the toolbar buttons, so I assume that they're being pulled in correctly (using gtk_tool_button_new_from_stock(), for example). The menu icons are named in GnomeAppUI structures and created in gnome_app_create_menus_with_data(), so if those don't theme correctly, the problem is in GnomeApp.

The message list icons are created using gtk_widget_render_icon()-- perhaps that should be replaced with gtk_icon_theme_load_icon()??

Well, I hope you're talking to others, as I have no idea how these things work. I just added one picture for each that I could find in the directories listed upwards in the thread and then added them to my GTK theme's iconrc as stock icons. That took care of the toolbars and a few others, but not all....

Would some screenshots of what I'm seeing be helpful to solving the problem?


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