Re: gmime type warnings on startup, and more

On 12/03/2004 07:20:02 PM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
On 12/03/04 19:06:22, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
I also often get the following while retreiving messages (possibly in the filtering stage): ** (balsa:28801): CRITICAL **: file mailbox.c: line 1692 (libbalsa_mailbox_messages_move): assertion `msgnos->len > 0' failed

Thanks for going to the trouble of building a non-threaded version--I know it's a pain, and using the crippled version really reminds you how useful the threaded version is (especially now that it's reliable!).

Yes, that warning is pretty weird. It arises in the POP3 server dialog: apparently Balsa thinks it's downloaded one message, but the temporary mailbox that holds downloaded messages is empty. A simple test would avoid the specific action that raises that CRITICAL message, but the underlying cause is beyond my ken, and I hate to offer a bandaid for the symptom without diagnosing the cause.

If you run Balsa with the command-line option `-d', you'll get the POP3 server dialog echoed on the console. Posting the result for a case where the CRITICAL warning is issued might help.



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