Re: reproducable drag crash in balsa

On 12/03/2004 06:47:27 PM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
Hi guys,
I accidentally stumbled across this bug:
compose a new, or reply to an old message. Now drag a message from a mailbox into your message text, and blam! bug is your buddy.

That's an oops: the DND format was changed at the source (mailbox index) and for one destination (mailbox in the list), but not for the others (message window). Fixed in cvs.

I just had a thought: It would be awesome if this action attached the dragged message, just like a dragged file gets attached. Maybe that's what it was intended to do in the first place?

It does: drop the message on the compose window, anywhere *except* in the message text, and it's added as an least, it is when that bug-fix from cvs is applied!


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