Re: default charset

On 04/25/2004 10:57:48 AM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
> On 04/25/04 07:29:09, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> On 04/24/2004 10:09:15 PM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
>>> Not slackware, debian. No, my LANG variable is set to 'C', as it
>>> should be.  I speak more than one language, and AFAIK one does not
>>> set one's LANG to UTF8.
>> Mine was set by FC1 to en_US.UTF-8.
> Hmmm, that may indeed be sufficient..

Okay, I set my LANG variable now.
Now when you do this, does your balsa default language change to UTF8
or stay on English? Mine does the latter, when I'd like it to do the

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