Re: [Q] : could someone report success with filters on reception ?

Am 2003.09.18 22:36 schrieb(en) Francisco Ortiz Santini:
> On 2003.09.18 16:21, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> On 09/18/2003, emmanuel ALLAUD wrote:
>> [ snip ]
> I don't know if this would be a good suggestion or make any sense, but I  
> would consider moving the filter menu under "Mailbox" to the Edit/ 
> Filters menu as a third tab, that would be: "Match", "Action" and  
> "Mailbox" or "Mailbox to apply" or something like that. So, the end-user  
> would know the match that he/she has to create, the action to be  
> performed, and what mailboxes (either defaults or created) would  
> affected by the new filter, as well as deciding whether the action  
> should take place immediately or after closing Balsa. Hope this helps  
> for something.

For logical reasons "Edit filters" belongs to Preferences, or?
And as I said also to the "Apply Filters" windows


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