First-time druid running again; filters lost

Running Balsa 2.0.15 on RedHat I found something odd that is very much  
summarized in the subject title. Not sure if it is related, but  
everything started after by accident I opened two Balsa composer  
windows from a mailto: link using Mozilla-Firebird. Next time I  
launched Balsa, the first-time druid showed under the assumption that I  
was using the program from the first time. After canceling the druid  
several times, I finally gave up and filled once again all the  
information required.
Everything return to normal, including my mailboxes and messages, but  
for two things: toolbars settings and filters. The toolbar thing was  
simple to set up again as I have it before, but my filters are nor  
showing. I checked my .balsa profile and the filters are there. So the  
question is: a) what caused this behavior in the first place; b) should  
I edit my .balsa profile somehow so to recover my filters or simply  
delete them; and c) should I leave the .balsa profile as it is and  
recreate the filters using the filters utility?
As usual, thanks in advance.


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