Re: Importing old Mail

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 23:03:52 +0100 Darko Obradovic <>

> Am 23.11.2003 22:39 schrieb(en) Daniel Schregenberger:
> > PS: I'm using gentoo 1.4 where balsa 2.0.15 is marked "unstable" in
> > the
> > meantime I also tried 2.0.14 which is considered stable. Same
> > result.
> I'd just like to correct that it's considered "testing", not unstable 
> at all. ;)

OK. My fault. :)

> Independent of the issues you have, I'd recommend maildir for your  
> mail-storage, so you might want to take a look at this:  
> It *could* solve your problem, as a positive side-effect. ;)

Thanks! I just tried it out quickly as it's already late. I could import
my old messages. Hooray!
Now there's a new problem: many people I know seem to use bad mailers
and don't have any charset specified. Somehow the setting for such mails
in balsa (Western European (Euro)) applies only to the title of the
mail, but not to the body. All //etc. are shown as ?.

I'll take a look at this tomorrow.

-- Daniel

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