Re: Importing old Mail

On 11/23/2003 05:28:12 AM, Daniel Schregenberger wrote:
> Hello!
> I'd like to try balsa (2.0.15) but I could'nt import my old  
> mails. They're in mbox format, but I could provide them in  
> different formats (like MH) too. I searched the archives  
> without finding a hint and the link in the FAQ is dead.
> Here's what I get when I try to import the mail using "File >  
> New > Local mbox mailbox...": - an error window: "Unable to  
> Open Mailbox! Please check the mailbox settings." - and an  
> information window: "/home/npfdd/oldmail/Band is not a  
> mailbox."
> Any help appreciated.

You don't really *import* mail files into Balsa, you just set up  
access to them (which is what you did with File > New > Local  
mbox mailbox...).

The message you saw is triggered by some problem in opening the  
file.  I'm guessing you're already sure that the path is correct  
and that there's an mbox at the end of it, and that you have at  
least read permission on it.  One thing you could try is making a  
copy of the file somewhere in your default mail tree (~/mail ??).   
Balsa should find the copy automatically during its startup, and  
you might get a more useful diagnostic if there's still a  



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