Little brother database

I am pretty new to balsa and I have to say it looks pretty nice. I am pretty  
impressed that it supports lbdb. Maybe that feature should be documented in  
the balsa-FAQ, no?

How to use lbdb with balsa?
* Add a new addressbook of the type "External query"
* Program location should be: "/usr/bin/lbdbq"

Only Probs with lbdb:
When I activate "expand aliases", lbdbq expands them. But, I can't leaf  
through all possible matches lbdbq found (with up and down keys), but see just  
one. I think it has something to do with that pressing the down-key just calls  
the query command again and doesn't scroll through all query results. I don't  
really know any way to fix that.

Any ideas?

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