Re: quote colors


Some reaction from the maintainers to this would be nice, suggestions,  
acceptance or rejection. I'm using the patch for more than two weeks  
now, and it's working good.

Are these kind of patches menat to go to Bugzilla instead? Problem here  
is, that bugzilla looks quite unorganized and the list worked much  
better in the past.

Darko Obradovic

Am 29.10.2003 11:17 schrieb(en) Darko Obradovic:
> Hi,
> I found it somewhat exagerated to define six colors for quoted text,  
> having two alternating ones should be completely fine IMHO, and thus  
> I made this patch against 2.0.15, reducing prefs a little.
> I was afraid of changing a string, but it would be necessary for a  
> cleaner implementation. Maintainers should decide, if accepted. :)

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