Re: quote colors

Le 19.11.2003 22:36:41, Darko Obradovic a écrit :
> Hi,
> Some reaction from the maintainers to this would be nice,  
> suggestions, acceptance or rejection. I'm using the patch for more  
> than two weeks now, and it's working good.
> Are these kind of patches menat to go to Bugzilla instead? Problem  
> here is, that bugzilla looks quite unorganized and the list worked  
> much better in the past.

I think that right now HEAD is getting all the attention, so I would  
advise you to put your patch on bugzilla (actually there is another  
about gpg that waits there, and a small patch of mine also, though I  
did not even bother to put it on bugzilla.
Perhaps should we organize a 2 days "patches for 2-0 branch" ;-)

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