Re: no scroll when selecting text?

Am 2003.11.02 14:39 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> Hi Russell!
> On 11/02/2003 03:35:40 AM, Russell L. Harris wrote:
>> Sometimes I need to select and cut a portion of a letter, so I can  
>> paste the portion into another document which I am composing in emacs.
>> The only way I have found to select text (other than to use SELECT ALL  
>> from the EDIT menu) is drag the cursor, using the mouse.  But, when I  
>> attempt to drag past the bottom of the screen, the screen doesn't  
>> scroll as I drag.
> But if you scroll the message manually after dragging past the bottom,  
> you'll see that the text really was selected--you just have to guess how  
> much of it was!
>> A work-around is to use SELECT ALL, paste the entire letter, then use  
>> emacs to edit out the unwanted material.
> or guess!

I simply select it with the mouse and if I'm at the end of the screen I  
use my scroll-wheel ;)

Nothing easier than this... *hehe*


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