Re: Debian debugging notes for "Reporting Bugs" page

On 2003.11.02 00:43 tom wrote:
> As the guy that first asked about debugging info: Do you think the  
> information is really necessary? I had an odd bug, Pavel and I worked  
> it out. Your information about adding the debugging symbols was  
> invaluable, and I really appreciate it. But, Balsa is fairly stable and  
> most people will have no need for this.

Hi Tom

My AbiSperience tells me that, no matter how dependable and application may be, surprises can and will, invariable, happen.  It is times like that when it is important that a person has access to the tools necessary to locate the cause, especially if it's unreproducable by the maintainers.  Debug-enabled builds are probably the easiest tool for an end user, as it's a one time, specific use binary, as opposed to locating software suites that are ENTIRELY targetted for the developer.

By sending this information now, future users will be able to locate this specific piece of information when they search the archive, and therefore will either be even more prepared when the email the list or will be more able to offer help to other users who need help pinning down the source of the problem.

Well, anyways, that's just my thinking,


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