Re: Balsa information window

On 05/29/2003, Darko Obradovic wrote:
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> from my point of view: I never changed anything in Status-messages 
> and colors, and I'm still quite happy with balsa's behaviour. I even 
> have no idea where these messages get displayed.
> From a general point of view, it might not be that smart to fully 
> rely on colors for accessibility reasons,

good point...

> some prefix [DEBUG] or  [INFO] is always nice,

That's also a good point--we could check whether more than one type is 
being listed, and if so, prepend the correct prefix.

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> no-colors are the safe way to go in modern application-devlopment 
> imho,


> excluding the case that the theme, and thus the engine, provides you 
> with some to choose from (GTK_ERROR_COLOR as a freely invented 
> example).

which would be nice...


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