Re: Balsa information window

On 05/28/2003, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> The information window has been mentioned as being broken wrt 
> wrapping.  This patch (to current cvs, but probably to most 2.0.x 
> source trees) uses a GtkTextView widget instead of the current 
> GtkTreeView--see how you like it!

My own followup:

There was a note in the code about color-coding messages. By default, 
only warnings are shown in the list, but Settings=>Display=>Status 
Messages can be used to show any of:
Information Messages;
Warning Messages;
Error Messages;
Fatal Error Messages;
Debug Messages.
Perhaps warnings should be left in black, so that the list looks normal 
with the default setting, but information and debug messages could be 
dark green, and errors dark red--comments?


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