Re: Balsa information window

Am 29.05.2003 15:04 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> There was a note in the code about color-coding messages. By default, 
> only warnings are shown in the list, but Settings=>Display=>Status 
> Messages can be used to show any of:
> Information Messages;
> Warning Messages;
> Error Messages;
> Fatal Error Messages;
> Debug Messages.
> Perhaps warnings should be left in black, so that the list looks 
> normal with the default setting, but information and debug messages 
> could be dark green, and errors dark red--comments?

from my point of view: I never changed anything in Status-messages and 
colors, and I'm still quite happy with balsa's behaviour. I even have 
no idea where these messages get displayed.

 From a general point of view, it might not be that smart to fully rely 
on colors for accessibility reasons, some prefix [DEBUG] or [INFO] is 
always nice, and then you just have to choose some colors which are 
readable (different from distinguishable among each other). But 
readable gets a problem with hard-coded-colors, as a GTK2-theme might 
choose to have a black background (example: hicon-inverted) and then 
dark-whatever is no good choice. ;)

no-colors are the safe way to go in modern application-devlopment imho, 
excluding the case that the theme, and thus the engine, provides you 
with some to choose from (GTK_ERROR_COLOR as a freely invented example).

It's just my opinion. I had a similar discussion for gnomeicu, but the 
maintainers happens to like colors, and it's ok with me. :)



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