Re : balsa 2.0.11 issues

On 2003.05.29 02:03, Tim O'Brien wrote:
> Hi again,
> Thanks for the help about the threading (I should have looked the 
> view menu).
> about the inbox sorting:
>>> *When new mail arrives in the inbox , when the list is sorted by
>>> date. You cant seem to scroll the list anymore, until you go and
>>> click on the columns to sort it again. (sometimes it does work tho)
>> I think I'm seeing the same problem since a while now. Could you tell
>> me what is your setting (distro + gtk version) please?
>> Moreover could you check this : when the index list is stuck as you
>> said, could you click on another message to select it and tell me if
>> the preview pane displays the new message or not?
> I am using Slackware 8.0 (libc 2.2.3) , and using the gtk version 
> that comes with gnome desktop 2.2.1 source which is 2.2.1. (funny 
> that :) . When the list is stuck I can select another row, but it 
> doesnt show up in the preview pane. But if  I select the topmost 
> visable row in the list, it works like it should (list becomes 
> unstuck, views the message normally). Thanks

Oh thanks I did not try that one. I'll keep you informed if I identify 
the bug (problem is that it is certainly a gtk bug that bites us but 
we'll see).

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