Re: Wish list of features

On 2003.05.23 14:03 Carlos Morgado wrote:

>> * Option to display 'unread' and 'total' counts for all mailboxes, 
>> as soon
>>   as balsa is started.  (Currently, it only displays a mailbox's 
>> counts
>>   after the first time you click on the mailbox.)

> that's kind of hard, some mailboxes are very expensive and some are 
> downright impossible in some cases (think imap)

People with expensive/impossible mailboxes should leave this option
disabled.  My mailboxes are fairly inexpensive, I think:  about 20
local mbox mailboxes, containing a total of several dozen messages.

>> * Under Preferences, for "Remote SMTP Server", the use of SMTP (as 
>> opposed
>>   to some other protocol that I've never heard of before) is 
>> indicated by
>>   appending ":smtp" to the host name of the SMTP server.  Change 
>> this to a
>>   check box or drop-down list.

> host:port is the standard way of saying, host and port. :smtp in this 
> case
> is just an 'alias' for the assigned smtp port. however, this must be 
> freeform as some users *need* to submit messages on nonstandard ports.

Okay, not a check box.  A separate free-form field, or a drop-down field
with an "other" option, would be nice.  Failing that, the documentation
could use clarification; it says "enter smtp:host in the such-and-such
field" and it took me a few minutes to figure out what it meant.

>> * Ability to display in-line images in HTML e-mails.  (I receive 
>> Dilbert and
>>   Get Fuzzy from United Media via e-mail.  Have I configured 
>> something
>>   incorrectly?)

> No. Some HTML email references messages on an internet server. Balsa
> will not fetch random stuff from the net - if you really want to do
> that use the open in browser option. That will give you a full browser
> with your internet security settings instead of an half baked browser 
> type thing.

I'm familiar with "open in browser" from Eudora.  Okay, right-click on
the "text/html" icon at the bottom of the message, followed by "open
with htmlview", does what I want.  It'll take some getting used to
(Balsa is the first e-mail software I've seen that gave easy access to
both "text/plain" and "text/html" in HTML messages - this is a good
thing! at least for those with a clue), but good enough.

>> * Ability to configure nested mailboxes entirely through the GUI.

> what kind of mailboxes ?

Any kind that Balsa supports, I suppose.  In my case, local mbox 

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