Re: Wish list of features

On Fri, 23 May 2003 04:36:11, Ed Murphy wrote:
> (I'm using balsa 2.0.6 on Red Hat 9)
> * Option to display 'unread' and 'total' counts for all mailboxes, as soon
>   as balsa is started.  (Currently, it only displays a mailbox's counts
>   after the first time you click on the mailbox.)

that's kind of hard, some mailboxes are very expensive and some are downright 
impossible in some cases (think imap)

> * Under Preferences, for "Remote SMTP Server", the use of SMTP (as opposed
>   to some other protocol that I've never heard of before) is indicated by
>   appending ":smtp" to the host name of the SMTP server.  Change this to a
>   check box or drop-down list.

I'm not sure I understood the question, but I think the answer is no :)

host:port is the standard way of saying, host and port. :smtp in this case
is just an 'alias' for the assigned smtp port. however, this must be freeform 
as some users *need* to submit messages on nonstandard ports.

> * Ability to display in-line images in HTML e-mails.  (I receive Dilbert and
>   Get Fuzzy from United Media via e-mail.  Have I configured something
>   incorrectly?)

No. Some HTML email references messages on an internet server. Balsa
will not fetch random stuff from the net - if you really want to do
that use the open in browser option. That will give you a full browser
with your internet security settings instead of an half baked browser type 
> * Ability to configure nested mailboxes entirely through the GUI.

what kind of mailboxes ?

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