Re: Wish list of features

On 2003.05.23 15:37 Peter Bloomfield wrote:

>>   a) Auto-highlight a message; if it was unread, then mark it as 
>> read.
>>      (This is the current behavior.)
> It's highlighted and marked as read (and, of course, displayed) only 
> if you check Settings => Preferences => Display => Display => 
> Automatically view message...

Thanks.  I had indeed checked this.

>>   b) Auto-highlight a message, but if it was unread, then leave it 
>> marked
>>      as unread.
> This is the current action if you *don't* check that box...but of 
> course,
> it's not displayed.

This is what I'm now doing.  Eudora displays it while leaving it marked 
unread, for some reason; I like Balsa's behavior better.

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