Re: gpg related crash/hang on 2.0.11

On Mon, 12 May 2003 23:05:22, Nuno Monteiro wrote:

> nuno@hobbes:~$ gpg --keyserver --search-keys 0x1791665F
> gpg: searching for "0x1791665F" from HKP server
> Keys 1-1 of 1 for "0x1791665F"
> (1)     Stephen P. Berry <>
>           1024 bit DSA key 1791665F, created 2000-01-09
> Enter number(s), N)ext, or Q)uit > q

you have gnupg automagically fetching keys ?

> That 'SIGPIPE' in the backtrace doesnt look good. The fishy part is that it 
> only hangs with this particular email, but works flawlessly with a good 
> dozen others. Also, there are no 'gpg' processes running after balsa is 
> hung, so killall or pkill would not matter.

sigpipe means gpgme tried to write to gnupg after it closed a pipe.
i wonder if it gets confused by that question .. or your gpgme version 
doesn't like your gnupg version ..

(btw, don't i know you ? :))

Carlos Morgado - chbm(at)chbm(dot)nu - -- gpgkey: 0x1FC57F0A FP:0A27 35D3 C448 3641 0573 6876 2A37 4BB2 1FC5 7F0A

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