Re: gpg related crash/hang on 2.0.11

Am 12.05.2003 23:42 schrieb(en) Nuno Monteiro:
> I'm experiencing a weird hang/crash with Balsa 2.0.11 when opening a 
> _specific_ gpg signed email. I tried to reproduce it with every other 
> signed email I had around, but it seems it'll only choke on this one. 
> Whenever I double click on that particular email from the list, Balsa 
> hangs and stays like that forever (well, until Gnome asks me if I 
> want to kill the window, at least).

I'd say it's a known pthread-problem (more to follow from the gurus in 
here), but you should made sure that it's not gpg hanging when trying 
to fetch a key from a keyserver. I had this a couple of times, so balsa 
totally hangs, but calling a "killall gpg" from a terminal brought it 
back to life. Never had the patience to wait for more than 10 seconds 
though.... ^^



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