Re: UI Question/Suggestion

Am 2003.05.12 21:01 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
> Am 11.05.03 19:29 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
>> It is--but I figured out some of it, in porting to gtk+-2, so I could 
>> lend a hand, if we decided to go that route...
> O.k., after half a night of playing around and shamelessly copying code 
> from the demos, I have the semi-semi-semi-working result below... 
> "Content" shows all the stuff you see now. Of course, there are no 
> popups yet, selections don't work, I have to learn how to destroy the 
> tree, it's just the tree display.
> *If* we follow this route, IMHO we should keep everything, including the 
> icon list (and possibly the embedded header stuff - still have to find 
> it) in the Contents part, and maybe add a checkbutton in the View menu 
> to hide the notebook completely (thus you see exactly what you have now).

one word: AMAZING

Why don't display the selected part right below the whole tree?
Together with the possibility to default to either "structure" or "simple 
view" (or "content") and the icon list in a horizontal fashion in the 
content-view it would be the best thing any mailer has today :-)

In the simple view all the "difficult" things would go away, only real 
attachments should be shown as icons in the list, nothing like multipart/
mixed or so....


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