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Am 09.05.03 18:45 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:
> On Fri, 09 May 2003 17:07:54, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> `Vertical' doesn't seem to be an option for GnomeIconList--but do we 
>> need to use GnomeIconList?  A GtkTreeView would offer a vertical 
>> organization, and would also allow us to show the nesting of parts...
> tree + pretty-icons = lots-a-space :)

Suggestion #1: add a menu item to open the structure view in a separate 
window (like view source), and selecting a part there jumps to it. 
Problem: The message might have been closed in between... *or*

Suggestion #2: replace the preview part below the index and in the message 
window by a notebook with two pages, putting all the stuff we see now into 
page #1 and the structure in #2. Selecting a part in this page should 
automatically jump to the right part in #1 (this idea is slightly like 
sylpheed's approach, but a little more intelligent).

To make the structure of a message somewhat clearer, I had a patch some 
months ago which showed all embedded headers (of message/rfc822 parts) 
plus a vertical line to the left indicating the nesting depth. Although 
this makes Simon's problem even worse (as there will be more data 2b 
displayed), I still think that balsa *must* have some way to at least 
display the embedded headers. If you agree, I could try to reanimate this 
part of that patch.

Just my ¤0.01...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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