Re: Reporting bugs

On 2003.05.07 05:42 Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>> - If you open a message in a seperate window, balsa doesn't remember
>>   the placement and size of that message
> This appears to happen to all pop-up dialogs, might be a window manager 
> issue. I'm using metacity under gnome 2.2, perhaps it is a bug in metacity 
> or a compatibility problem between balsa and metacity. Anyone else using 
> metacity ?

Yes - and so is anyone using RedHat 9 unmodified. Metacity doesn't even
want to remember where I want Balsa's main window when it starts up...

>> - In the folder properties, it would be nice if I could set a standard
>>   To: header. Either in the folder properties directly or in the
>>   identities menu.
> Okay so this idea got shot down.

Well, I wouldn't give up, I think this would be very useful.

Thanks, Willem Riede.

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