Re: Reporting bugs

Okay, resuming:

On 2003.05.06 12:27, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> A few suggestions:
> - if a message is in the outbox but cannot be sent, it would be nice
>   if I could edit it directly when pressing the 'continue' button
>   instead of moving it to the Drafts folder first.

Suggestion by Carlos Morgado: if you click 'continue' on a message in 
the outbox, it should be automatically moved to the Drafts folder 
first. I'll file an 'enhancement' bug on this.

> - If I drag and drop a message from the message list window to
>   another folder in the folder selection window the message is
>   copied, while I expect it to be moved

This is a pref. It might be changed to default to 'on' instead of off. 
I'm not going to put myself into that discussion ;)

> - If you open a message in a seperate window, balsa doesn't remember
>   the placement and size of that message

This appears to happen to all pop-up dialogs, might be a window manager 
issue. I'm using metacity under gnome 2.2, perhaps it is a bug in 
metacity or a compatibility problem between balsa and metacity. Anyone 
else using metacity ?

> - If I hit 'compose' to compose a new message, it doesn't use the
>   identity I set for the currently open folder

This needs to be a pref that defaults to 'off'. I'll file an 
enhancement bug for it.

> - In the folder properties, it would be nice if I could set a standard
>   To: header. Either in the folder properties directly or in the
>   identities menu.

Okay so this idea got shot down.


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