Re: Re : UI-BUG : new messages are not always displayed and other weirdnesses

On 2003.05.08 00:21, E. ALLAUD wrote:
> On 2003.05.07 15:32, Pawel Salek wrote:
>> [snip]
>> There is a known gtk-2.2.0 bug with almost identical symptoms
>> Are we talking about the same thing?
> I'm not sure but I can't try the fix (I use the MDK package for gtk 
> and I have no time to compile gtk and mess my package system). I'll 
> wait for a new release or take the time to build gtk (but that's for 
> later).

It is actually pretty simple to add the patch to the list of patches in 
the spec file, bump the version number, rebuild the rpm package and 
install it. That's what I did. YMMV.


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