Re: Reporting bugs


On 2003.05.06 19:50 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2003.05.06 18:40:14 +0100 Darko Obradovic wrote:
>> May I vote for usability and consistency again? If yopu drag and drop 
>> something between Nautilus folders, it get's moved. You can copy things

Enabling the "Move messages" check box will also let ou use the modifier 
key to copy the message instead.

> Not quite, if you drop something in a diferent media it gets copied.
> 'diferent mailbox' is pretty consistent with 'diferent media' so that's
> the expected behaviour ;)

Well, no mailer I know of sees it that way. From an UI point of view that 
would not be a good thing. Furthermore, it would complicate matters for 
most, because the most common action for messages is "move". Nobody saves 
copies of everything in folders while keeping the messages in the inbox.

I remember, back in the days, there once was a thread about this. It seems 
the default Gnome behavior is to pass the COPY operation code, allowing 
modifiers for "move" and "link" actions.
There was a bit of confusion about how to make "move" the default. At the 
time, there were a lot of old-time Balsa users who had gotten so used to 
pressing ctrl that it would have inconvenienced them to make "move" the 
default action.
This is why there is a pref. IMHO, it should default to "on", moving 
messages by default. It may be dropped entirely if none of the oldtimers 

OTOH, a default action of "copy" and no pref would be a BadThing, it breaks 
UI compatibility with all other known mailers and steepens the learning 
curve. A side effect would be that I would discontinue using Balsa. I 
receive huge amounts of email per day and I have to keep most messages. 
When a new batch comes in, I quickly sort it away, mostly unread, into 
different mailboxes. If I had to press a key on every move, it would be a 
major pain. That's why I created the pref and functionality in the first 
place: I was the one who had the most pressing need for it.


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