Re: Reporting bugs

On 2003.05.06 11:27:29 +0100 Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

> - If you open a message in a seperate window, balsa doesn't remember
>   the placement and size of that message

This is something for the window manager to worry about, applications
shouldn't have to remember/deal with window geometries. I'm not totally
sure if balsa makes the window unique enough though ...

> - If you're not using the preview pane at all, it would be nice to have
>   the option to open a message in the existing message-list window
>   (like mutt and pine do), once you close the message the message-list
>   window should reappear. This way you need the mouse less when
>   rapidly scanning through email.

I think the mutt index -> message -> index thing is balsa index ->
message window -> index thing (this doesn't work very well if your
message window shows up in unexpected places.
Other way is using the 'show preview pane' button in the toolbar,
if you set your preview pane to most of the window area you'll get
the effect you mentioned.

> - In the folder properties, it would be nice if I could set a standard
>   To: header. Either in the folder properties directly or in the
>   identities menu.

I see your point by I'm not sure if linking the compose window to the
selected mailbox is very wise in terms of UI.


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