Re: Reporting bugs

On 05/06/2003, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
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> Okay, let me get my feet wet ;)

Jump in!

> A few suggestions:
> - if a message is in the outbox but cannot be sent, it would be nice
>   if I could edit it directly when pressing the 'continue' button
>   instead of moving it to the Drafts folder first.

I'm not sure that we want to encourage using the Outbox as a second 
Draftbox.  Presumably you'd want to block the message from being sent 
while editing it, which would require some new locking mechanism.  For 
myself, I'd rather have the place where queued but unsent messages are 
stored be less visible than a mailbox, but that would also require new 

> - If I drag and drop a message from the message list window to
>   another folder in the folder selection window the message is
>   copied, while I expect it to be moved

Melanie's answered this one.

> - If you open a message in a seperate window, balsa doesn't remember
>   the placement and size of that message

There's code in cvs for remembering size.  Isn't placement a wm 

> - If you're not using the preview pane at all, it would be nice to 
> have
>   the option to open a message in the existing message-list window
>   (like mutt and pine do), once you close the message the message-
> list
>   window should reappear. This way you need the mouse less when
>   rapidly scanning through email.

You don't need the mouse at all!  GtkTreeView has good keybindings, 
space-bar selects a message for opening in its own window, and ctrl+W 
closes the window.

> - If I hit 'compose' to compose a new message, it doesn't use the
>   identity I set for the currently open folder

Well, it could.  You're suggesting that the default identity should be 
changed when the currently shown mailbox changes?  (Note that several 
mailboxes can be `currently open'.)  We might need a new checkbutton on 
one of the dialogs: `Use this identity by default while mailbox is 
showing' (and code to support it, of course!).

> - In the folder properties, it would be nice if I could set a standard
>   To: header. Either in the folder properties directly or in the
>   identities menu.
> The last two would be very handy for mailinglists..
> Should I file 'enhancement' bugs for each of these ?

Sure--perhaps after there's been some time for discussion of the issues 
on this list.


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