Re: [PATCH] more subject/utf8 fixes

On 2003.05.01 19:41, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Attached is a patch which fixes wrongly encoded characters from the 
> subject (LIBBALSA_MESSAGE_GET_SUBJECT() 2b precise) at vorious places 
> (warning messages, reply, print). Symptoms resolved are message boxes 
> or a reply subject ending before an 8-bit char in the subject string 
> or a subject completely missing in the printout.


This one and the balsa-rfc3156-patch-2003-04-22.bz2 patch as on your 
web page are in (there were two changes related to misc.h that seemed 
unnecessary and I left them out). I apologise the delay (but well, we 
all have just one life). Please be sure that your contribution is truly 

Thanks a lot,


> Meanwhile there are four pending patches from me not committed to the 
> cvs. As I keep them here in my local copy, this one may produce 
> warnings about shifts when applying it to the current cvs.
> In this context, please let me add a personal remark. I must admit 
> that it is a little disappointing for me to send extensions and 
> patches for balsa which apparently just disappear in nowhere. I don't 
> write this stuff to nerve you! But as I have no (write) access to the 
> cvs, all I can actually do *is* mailing this stuff. If you think it's 
> a molestation, please tell me, and I'll stop working for balsa.
> Cheers, Albrecht.
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