Re: Another not quite Balsa question

On 2003.01.09 16:18 Laurent Duperval wrote:
[ snip ]
> So now I'm trying to print a message. I get errors saying that two 
> fonts (Helvetica, both of them) don't exist. I look at my font list 
> and indeed, they don't show up. So I take a look at the Fonts tab of 
> the Print dialog and none of the Postscript fonts are there. I 
> imported my Windows fonts and restarted X. Now, the dialog shows 
> Arial fonts so I try to use that instead. But I still can't print.
> I'm on Mandrake 9.0 (I'm running Balsa 2.0.5) and the Mandrake font 
> chooser shows the Arial and the helvetica fonts correctly. So it's 
> something else.

Balsa uses libgnomeprint for its print tool, and  gnome_font_list() to 
find out which fonts libgnomeprint knows about.  Perhaps there's some 
way to synchronize the database that gnome_font_list() uses with the 
rest of the world.

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